Beautifully said by Mr Senthil,“Why we call Tamara the Tamara is because Tamara in Malayalam means Lotus.We want to tell people that as Lotus blooms in dirty water but still retains its beauty and freshness,in the same way the environment around us might not be all that pure but we strive to bring that natural balance in our world and be different” .Started 2 years back,this romantic Eco-friendly resort already has The Most Romantic Resort Award in India by CNBC in its kitty.


Coorg as we all know is favorites with many Bangaloreans,we love the green sloppy atmosphere Coorg offers.But imagine a place where Romance takes an cultural and Eco-friendly twist – Retaining what it is to balancing what is not without disturbing the Eco-system.Waking up to the views of shining silver oak trees(which is used for soft furniture) touching the infinite blue sky smiling down at you to find you sleeping like a baby at the balcony of a tree house.It is very very romantic indeed.

This valentines day(14th Feb 2014) was special to me.Not only did I celebrate it with learning steps on Salsa at Tamara but listening to live music,staying in a tree house,walking down the coffee plantations,learning the basics of cardamoms and spices,making my own coffee from raw beans to the final hot brew sans Chicory,painting the natural surrounding and waking up to the healthiest of South Indian Food and sleeping with the delicious deserts.

Now,its not often I am being garlanded.This resort made me feel like a queen.The welcome drink made from Coffee and Jaggery coupled with the tikka on the forehead and a garland on me made me instantly relaxed after about 4.5 hours of drive.Just then the buggy came over and I was taken to my room.The tree house was all I had dreamt of,the soft cushions waited eagerly to be embraced.What I liked the most about the room was the balcony and the all so natural ingredients used in my toiletries.The super soft hair you see in the video is the best I have ever had in years.I was tempted to buy it,and so got a chance to at the Verandah where the rich Coffee Making experience was being taught.Now I can make my own real coffee sans the adulterants.What relief!

Not only did I make my own coffee,I also discovered that mere walking from my room to the area of food and recreation in itself was soul-soothing.Listening of chirping of birds,watching tree houses as they pass by,gentle ruffles of leaves all that is an ambiance anyone will fall in love with.“When I saw you standing there ” sang the band from Bangalore while the dedication from couples followed one on another.Then was live chaat and food made specially for valentines day.The hearts melt when we saw the performances,the cakes the candles the whiskies et all.


The extra activities are great fun too, specially the plantation walks well as mountain trek with Lokesh. Lokesh was previously with the army and he has great knowledge of the Eco-system and the risk associated with it.He took us on a plantation walk where he showed us the rudraksh tree,the fig,the rose wood,the cloves,the cardamoms and Kurunji Plant which blooms once in 12 years.He also told us about the Wild Cucumber in the area,which is so bitter that one can never eat but can be used with oil for medicinal purposes.


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