Bangalore has always surprised me.With the great choices of food we have everywhere,it is no doubt one of the best Culinary destinations in India.From the best Breweries to the best of Mexican to the Chinese to the Indian,the city has plenty to offer.It isn’t that I haven’t been to anywhere else,nothing compares the Phuchkas,Jaal Muri,Gugni and Fresh Fish fry in Kolkata or the delicious Butter Chicken and Paranthas in Delhi.However there is a catch,how many places in India offer the best South Indian?


If by South Indian,your sense of taste is only confined to Idli,Vada and Sambar,it’s time to explore more.Just the way we did the other day,like 2 weeks back.Me and my friends decided to skip the regular and head to famous among locals or people who live nearby and students yet unknown to majority of the crowd is the Food Street of Bangalore.The city’s food joints along the whole section of road called “Thindi Beedhi”(Kannada word for food street) or Khao Galli.Situated at VV Puram,near to Lalbagh,has many local food joints by the road side and the food they make is by generous use of Ghee and Butter.Imagine a whole road dedicated to road side food including fresh yummy Pakoras,Cakes to Puddu!Also worth sampling is paddu, kolbade, akki roti, ragi roti and thatte idly at Idli Mane or the Bisi Bisi Masala Dosa.

This Sunday,I bring you a photo essay with the best of local food along with international at our very own Thindi Beedhi.

Pass on your plate please and remember the show starts at around 7 pm everyday and continues till almost midnight 😉


Finger Licking Local Food: Paddu and milk-dipped chirotti and holige (Karnataka snacks)
99 Varities of Dosa,served Spring Roll Style or just plain the way it is
   From Desi Pizza(Paneer Butter Masala Dosa) to Badam Milk in a Matka



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