How to Apply Double Winged Eyeliner

Without a doubt, all young ladies out there affection to look and like themselves. Isn’t that? We as a whole do. I have a craving for experimenting with various popular styles with regards to cosmetics. Our eyes are the one particular region of our face on which we can work a bit and extra to our excellence. Flawlessly done eye cosmetics certainly, creates high faculties of attraction. Have you gone for the twofold winged eyeliner whenever of late? I ran over a video that helped me figure out how to add greater power to your eyes. In this way, here, … Continue reading How to Apply Double Winged Eyeliner

Zuci Natural Care Sunscreen wipes with Aloe Vera and Vitamin-E Review

  Hi ladies! There is nothing better than having clean and soft skin, right? Well, a good quality cleansing and scrubs are something that you can use at a certain place, Then what should we do if we want to give a fresh and clean feel to our skin? Facial wipes is the word ladies! It is something I can’t do without and Currently hooked onto Zuci Natural sunscreen wipes with Aloe Vera and Vit- E. Let’s talk more about it. Product Info Helps remove dirt and excess oil from your face and neck The Aloe Vera extract stimulates epidermal … Continue reading Zuci Natural Care Sunscreen wipes with Aloe Vera and Vitamin-E Review

Are Pore Strips for Blackheads Good or Bad?

Hello, all! Blackheads are a stubborn skin issue, and dealing with them is messy. It needs patience. But, this new trend that claims to clear up all the blackheads is becoming trendier than other options – pore strips. Why are they becoming so popular? What are the benefits and disadvantages of using them? Are they really worth using? Here’s a guide on pore strips. What are pore strips? Pore strips are the strips that claim to remove the blackheads, whiteheads (whiteheads are less likely to be treated with pore strips as they are ‘in-extractible’ — at least without the help of … Continue reading Are Pore Strips for Blackheads Good or Bad?

8 Best Peel-Off Masks for Blackheads

Hi All, The issue of blackheads is quite common and peel-off masks can easily deal with it. If scrubs are not working for you, just grab one of these masks to remove blackheads and other impurities from your skin. So, here I have listed down 8 best peel-off masks that can give you a clean, clear and glowing skin. NIA Sunday Detox Whipped Clay Peel-Off Mask   This whipped clay peel off mask comes in a unique formula. This mask comes in a clay form which has the coolness of foam in it. This detoxifying peel off mask spreads on your skin … Continue reading 8 Best Peel-Off Masks for Blackheads

The Face Shop Mask Lab Anti-Ageing Foil Face Mask Review

Hope you are all doing good. Today I am going to review The Face Shop Mask Lab Anti-Ageing Foil Face Mask. Read on to find out how it fared for me. Price: $6.95 for 25g Product Description:  The dual structured sheet, which is covered with a powerful foil, prevents anti ageing essence from evaporating and allows it to effectively absorb into skin to make it firmer. Directions: 1.After cleansing and applying toner, remove face mask from sachet and gently unfold. 2.Place face mask smoothly on the entire face to fit the curves, adjusting around eyes , nose and mouth. 3.After 10-20 minutes remove … Continue reading The Face Shop Mask Lab Anti-Ageing Foil Face Mask Review


It doesn’t matter whether you are headed to a hill station or a beach. You are going on a weekend getaway to relax and we give you the perfect essentials that you will need. Make sure you carry the most comfortable clothes but fitted t-shirts, preferably of subtle but summer colours. You can carry sleeveless t shirts also. If you prefer wearing a shirt, wear a sober, transparent or thin and light coloured shirt. You may want to add a layer or two to your t-shirt in case you are going to a cold place. Carry a pair of shorts … Continue reading PERFECT OUTFITS FOR A WEEKEND GETAWAY


It’s always this time of year that you start getting last minute invites and have nothing to wear (cheers Autumn for just creeping up on us like that!). I really don’t know how they do it but Amazon offer next day delivery on any items ordered before midnight – it’s a life saver! It’s perfect if you’re impatient and want your shopping to come asap but I find it the most helpful for last minute invites and throw your whole wardrobe on the floor situations. I’m always pleasantly surprised by Amazonand this season is no different, their accessories and handbags are killing it. I used … Continue reading LAST MINUTE EVENING OUTFIT