Bangalore has always surprised me.With the great choices of food we have everywhere,it is no doubt one of the best Culinary destinations in India.From the best Breweries to the best of Mexican to the Chinese to the Indian,the city has plenty to offer.It isn’t that I haven’t been to anywhere else,nothing compares the Phuchkas,Jaal Muri,Gugni and Fresh Fish fry in Kolkata or the delicious Butter Chicken and Paranthas in Delhi.However there is a catch,how many places in India offer the best South Indian? If by South Indian,your sense of taste is only confined to Idli,Vada and Sambar,it’s time to explore more.Just the way we … Continue reading THINDI BEEDHI:FOOD STREET,BANGALORE


There are very few places in India which can bring us the joy of living in a metropolitan city while enjoying the beaches in our free time. Chennai is one of them! The joy of dipping your feet in the cool water is quite incomparable and is easily one of the best stress busters known to man. Since it gets really hot during the summers in India, so the ideal time to visit the beaches in Chennai would be during the morning hours or evening hours. The rest of the day can be enjoyed by relaxing at various Hotels in Chennai. … Continue reading A WALK ON THE BEACHES OF CHENNAI

The 10 Most Incredible Bike Trails in India

Bikers get their share of wisdom while they embark on a journey with their sweethearts AND by that I mean their beloved bikes. Bike ride duration is the time to unleash the explorer in them and mend roads to self discovery. For such passionate bike riders, India seems to be the perfect match as it can offer such experience that practically has no match. Whether it is the highest snow-clad peaks of the Himalaya, the dense forests of North East or the most deserted places of Rajasthan; motorbike tours in India not only provide easy access to remote places but … Continue reading The 10 Most Incredible Bike Trails in India

7 Tips to Actually Succeed at Your Digital Detox

If your summer is packed with Instagram-worthy barbecues, vacations and trips to the beach, first of all, congrats! But if you’re not careful, you may spend most of your time glued to Facebook — or, worst of all, your work email. While you might assume keeping up with your inbox gives you peace of mind, research shows that reading messages from the office often just makes people angry. Talk about a summer bummer. It’s one thing to know you should take time for a digital detox, but it’s entirely different to actually pry that phone out of your hands. Whether you’re … Continue reading 7 Tips to Actually Succeed at Your Digital Detox

The 5 Most Incredible Hiking Trails in the World

If running a marathon or competing in an obstacle course doesn’t quite fulfill your appetite for adventure, perhaps a hike through awe-inspiring mountains in a new part of the world will. (Just try to read this story without falling into a wanderlust spell!) From the majestic Swiss Alps to the temperamental peaks of the Pacific Northwest Trail to the rocky mazes that lead to Petra, Jordan, your next epic journey on foot awaits. These incredible hikes across the globe will not only help you embrace different cultures, but you’ll also bask in the wonderment of nature. Happy exploring! The World’s … Continue reading The 5 Most Incredible Hiking Trails in the World

Urban Hiking: The Most Epic Way to Burn Calories by Walking

Bust out your boots: Hiking burns more calories than your standard stroll, and allows you to soak in the benefits of the great outdoors. But getting out into the wilderness, especially for a multi-day trek, isn’t always doable. Urban hiking is changing that though, one adventure at a time. This growing sport turns sidewalks into hiking trails to re-create the feel of a long-distance nature hike, smack dab in the middle of a city. Just because you’re not scaling rocky terrain doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park: The pros hoof it for a week or more at a … Continue reading Urban Hiking: The Most Epic Way to Burn Calories by Walking