How to sell on Snapdeal

Snapdeal founded by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal is India’s largest online marketplace offering more than four million products across a range of categories from over 50,000 sellers. Snapdeal witnessed record amounts of sales during the recently held sale day, crossing Rs. 1 crore of sales every minute. With more and more people shopping online, ecommerce continues to be one of the fastest growing industries with plenty of opportunities. Selling through online marketplaces like Snapdeal, Flipkart or Amazon can help established businesses quickly find customers without having to worry about technology or marketing. In this article we look at how to sell on Snapdeal and Snapdeal seller registration process. Selling on … Continue reading How to sell on Snapdeal

How to Sell on Flipkart

E-commerce is booming in India – thanks to shopping portals like Flipkart, SnapDeal and Amazon which has revolutionized the online shopping experience for Indian consumers. Innovative models like cash on delivery and same day delivery backed by low prices has spurred more customer to purchase online, making Flipkart – India’s largest electronic commerce store. Flipkart sold merchandize worth more than USD 1 Billion during the financial year 2013-14 and has a customer base of over 2.6 crore registered users. Flipkart currently ships over 50 lakhs shipments each month and generates over 80 lakh daily page visits. Therefore, there is tremendous business opportunity for those who sell on Flipkart … Continue reading How to Sell on Flipkart

Meghalaya – An Adobe Of The Clouds

  The name Meghalaya translates to abode of “megha” or cloud in Sanskrit and it cannot be nearer to the sacrosanct truth. As monsoon beckons North Eastern Indian state glims with blusher of amassed lush greenery, multiple streams cascading in the galore of youth and incessant drizzles. Time stands witness how the mountain flourished with distinct local culture unfolding it’s treasure in sync with the phenomenal beauty and richness of the Himalayan mountain range. Picturesque landscape of the land has made it a perfect gateway to wander-lusting souls with an allure of swinging rivers with incredible bends, lakes tracing their depth … Continue reading Meghalaya – An Adobe Of The Clouds


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The Beauty Behind A Bhutan Getaway

My review of Bhutan as a country and vacation place is nothing but positive. Bhutan itself is a peaceful country that rests in the Himalayan Mountains in South Asia. The mountains are mostly tall and webbed by connecting rivers that supply the area with healthy forests and animal groups. Bhutan’s accommodation as the happiest place in Asia is purely accurate as the complete atmosphere assures zen in any region of the country. As I review the Norbuling Hotel, I must note that the service is quick and the staff is friendly for such an affordable price. The location is right in … Continue reading The Beauty Behind A Bhutan Getaway

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Product

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to choose and promote the right products on your blog. 76% of new affiliate marketers fail to earn money from affiliate marketing simply because they do not choose the right product to promote. Here at Imaginica I have always focused on teaching my readers about affiliate marketing. Finding success in affiliate marketing is not easy, but it is not as complicated as you might think. You do need to be persistent, consistent and have a proper marketing plan to be successful in affiliate marketing. For example, which affiliate products you choose to market and what medium you use to promote the products will … Continue reading How to Choose the Best Affiliate Product

How To Start Using ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace & Make Money

Have you been looking for a good affiliate marketplace? Today, I will be introducing to ShareASale, which is one popular affiliate marketplace that can help you earn extra income online. In this tutorial, you will be learning everything about ShareASale & in the next 15 minutes you will be all set to start earning from this popular Affiliate marketplace. What is ShareASale & how it works? ShareASale was started in 2000 & it’s a popular service for marketers to launch an affiliate program for their product or services. At the time, bloggers & Affiliate marketers can find new Affiliate program & … Continue reading How To Start Using ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace & Make Money